Our Team

Michael Miller

Founding Partner | mmiller@ozecapital.com

Michael is the founding partner of OZE Capital.  Michael launched OZE in 2019 to create a structure to maximize value for his investors and deal partners.  Through OZE, Michael can leverage more certainty and capital to achieve better terms, deal flow, and ultimately stronger returns.  

Prior to OZE, Michael spent 24 years in institutional bond trading, specifically Agency mortgage-backed securities. He spent 10 years at Prudential Securities and 14 years at Bank of America. Michael made his career by focusing on less traveled real estate-collateralized products that offered the best relative value. Michael’s trading strengths were understanding risk and identifying value where others didn’t. During his tenure at Bank of America, Michael’s business was responsible for over $2 billion in revenue, with a peak of $700 million in a single year.

After leaving Wall Street in 2015, he changed his focus to investing his personal wealth. His investment thesis revolved around the tenets he developed on Wall Street- a fundamental focus on risk and cash flow, with a particular emphasis on private income producing assets.

His investment philosophy continues today at OZE, where the funds’ investments emphasize capital preservation and current cash flow. The breadth of the opportunities explored has been extensive including Commercial Real Estate, Quick Service Restaurants, Alternative Health Industry, Entertainment, Senior Community Services, and Wealth Management. To date, OZE Capital has grown to three funds and seven single add on investments totaling approximately $150 million.  

Michael graduated from the Honors Program at Rutgers College with a B.A. in Economics. He also was a Henry Rutgers Scholar and a Rhodes Scholar Finalist. Michael played on the men’s soccer team at Rutgers that reached the NCAA final four and finals in 1989 and 1990. 

Loukas Theodorou

Partner & Chief Operating Officer | ltheo@ozecapital.com

Loukas joined OZE Capital in 2018, bringing real estate experience and quantitative abilities to the team. He focused on mortgage analysis, revenue modeling, and cash flow analysis as a member of Morgan Stanley’s Strats and Modeling team. Loukas also has experience with short term rental management and owned multiple rental properties in Baltimore.

Loukas has a B.S. in Business Management and an Economics minor from Bucknell University and earned his MBA at UVA’s Darden School of Business.