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We offer a disciplined and diverse investment alternative to a traditional bond portfolio by targeting cash-flowing real assets with attractive risk-adjusted returns.

OZE Capital is a privately held alternative asset management firm established in 2018 and based in Florham Park, New Jersey. We are primarily focused on finding undervalued and under-capitalized, cash-flowing investments that demonstrate compelling relative value. We target high-quality, private investments that are generally overlooked by institutional investors due to their size.

Our team utilizes our extensive network to identify and invest in diverse holdings. While our focus is primarily in the real estate industry, we will look at investment opportunities across a broad range of assets. Our goal is to preserve capital, produce consistent and attractive yields, and generate favorable risk-adjusted returns for the firm and its investors. We do this by carefully constructing a diversified portfolio of investments that fit our discerning criteria.

Michael Miller, the Founding Partner, has 27 years of analytical and investment experience at Prudential Securities, Bank of America, and SAG Management.

Our Investment Strategy

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Our investment strategy includes real assets with steady and predictable cash flows, and a long term appreciation component.

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We believe a diversified portfolio of alternative investments that takes advantage of opportunities in inefficient markets can offer attractive returns. Our investment thesis values cash flow and capital preservation with an inflation hedge component. Our goal is to create a portfolio of diverse assets that provide healthy cash flow with an equity appreciation upside while maintaining limited leverage. We pride ourselves in our willingness to analyze deals in any industry brought to us by our broad network of partners.

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We target investments of $2 to $15 million in size. These are generally considered to be too small, structurally constrained, and can offer challenging investment periods which limits traditional institutional investors. OZE looks to tap into these capital inefficiencies and identify mispriced assets with significant growth potential. We will look to leverage our relationships with small to mid-size real estate companies that manage and develop a significant number of properties and retain management expertise but do not have reliable partners to seize these opportunities.

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Recent real estate investments include office, hotel, manufactured housing, storage, industrial, and residential properties located in both emerging and prime locations across the country. In addition, our assets include a real estate lending portfolio in Georgia, an optometrist roll-up, various restaurant portfolios, minority stakes in wealth managers, and more.

Our Team

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Michael Miller

Founding Partner

Loukas Theodorou

Junior Partner

Amy Leibel

Vice President of Finance & Chief Compliance Officer

Joshua Zymet


Fund Investments

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The following contains a sampling of some of the assets in which we have invested. Please contact us to learn more about all of our active funds.

2703 Telecom

2703 Telecom

Park at Hoover



The Retreat at 2818

Greenleaf & Golfview

Greenleaf & Golfview

Oasis Grand

Parks at Vine

Dalmar & Element Hotel Loan

Dalmar & Element Hotel

Briarcliff Manor Center

Briarcliff Manor Center



Morning Sun Marketplace

The Lofts at Twenty25

Contact Us

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Please contact us with any questions or investment opportunities.

Our Location

25B Vreeland Road, Suite 201
Florham Park, NJ 07932.

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